5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Cleaning Service For Your Gym

There have been a number of studies conducted into gym hygiene in recent years and their findings reinforce the need for constant vigilance by gym owners.

For example, a study commissioned by a gym equipment comparison website looked at 27 pieces of equipment at three different gyms and came up with these eye-opening findings:

  • The free weights had 362 times more germs than the average toilet seat.

  • The treadmills had 74 times more bacteria than a tap in a public bathroom.

  • The exercise bikes had 39 times more bacteria than a tray from a food court.

And other research has shown just how costly poor hygiene (or perceived poor hygiene) can be to a gym. 

  • 56% of gym members surveyed expected their gym to be free of germs.

  • Gyms that spent approx 4% of their budget on housekeeping made more profit and had higher customer retention rates than those who spent only 3%.

  • If a gym was perceived to be unclean, customer satisfaction ratings fell from 83% to 43% and retention rates fell from 90% to 52%.

Gym Cleaning Sydney

One way to prevent your clients questioning how clean your gym is, is to promote the high standards of cleanliness your gym insists upon. As we have seen, good hygiene is directly linked to customer satisfaction and retention rates, so making your gym the cleanest and by definition the healthiest, is likely to pay dividends.

And there are other good reasons for maintaining a clean gym environment as well. Keeping your gym equipment clean and well maintained will prolong its overall working life, whilst keeping surfaces clean and sweat-free might just prevent a slip or fall which could have public liability consequences for your business.

We have a wide range of cleaning equipment specifically designed for gyms and fitness facilities including personal training studios, CrossFit studios, yoga and Pilates studios, aquatic centres, boxing and weightlifting gyms, and martial arts studios.

At Anytime Cleaning Sydney, we know the importance of good hygiene in the fitness industry and our range of cleaning solutions will ensure you deliver a positive image and provide your customers with an enhanced fitness experience.

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